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Gold Charter Holdings is a family office investment firm, managing assets across a wide range of innovative investment solutions.



Our consultative approach for investment is focused on the needs and total-return-oriented goals. Our multi-asset strategists research investment policy and portfolio construction ideas, identify and advise on risks and opportunities, and have developed a winning asset allocation framework. 

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Our investment strategies

Combining stability, agility, global reach, local depth, and broad multi-asset strategy with specialized skill focus, we are well-positioned to manage a broad scope of assets.

Private EQUITy Investment

We discover, invest, and grow together with companies which have strong fundamentals in promising industries.

Multi Asset investment

We hold a portfolio with multiple assets, such as real estate, stocks, and bonds, etc to generate profits 

Risk Management

We manage the risk of asset loss with appropriate management and monitoring. 


We invest in alternative assets such as crypto assets hedge funds, and commodities.

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